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Following on from earlier work, a team from Signature Materials was back on the roof at the Guildhall in Northampton over the last week. Marking of lead and placing of signage was undertaken to build on other deterrents. Whilst on site a visit was made by a Church Warden from a listed buidling in Nottinghamshire who have had lead stolen previously, who wanted to see the marking regime and processes used by Signature Materials. After some lengthy discussions we hope that value was shown in having marked lead as a visible deterrent to theft.

Signature Materials staff have been out and about this last 2-3 weeks. Some of this time has been taken up giving talks at evening meetings of the IOM3 local societies. Talks so far have been held in Manchester and Guildford, with others to be confirmed.  The talks outline the problem of metal theft, and what is being done to deter theft, and the role Signature Materials plays in this.

We have all heard the stories of metal thieves being allowed to go, because the seemingly stolen metals they had in their possession, could not be tracked back to where they came from. Not just the owner but the specific site where it was taken from.

In April this year, Signature Materials began working closely with Electricity North West and Greater Manchester Police to tackle metal theft in the North West. Today, the service celebrates the marking of the 1000th local distribution substation.

Signature Materials has carried out marking trials on a large Grid type and also a Primary substation.

Affected by the theft of copper wire/cable? Signature materials can provide a cost effective solution to deter theft and ensure any thieves caught with your wire are apprehended there and then. You can request a sample of wire we have marked using our processes, in this case tinned copper as per the picture. The wire is permanently marked, along the wire at intervals decided by you, from every few inches to almost covering the wire, the choice is yours.

Signature Materials marked lead sheet on the roof of a listed Church this week, previously hit by lead thieves. The mark provides traceability back to the church should the lead be stolen. This marking was done as part of the process of gaining approval from the Church of England and English Heritage to allow marking to be done to deter theft, without affecting the aesthetics of the listed building.

In an exciting development Signature Materials will commence marking of copper earthing straps/tape in sub-stations in North Lancashire, around Burnley, Nelson and surrounding areas. This will complement the work done in other parts of Lancashire as attempts are made to deter metal thieves from targetting sub-stations.

Signature Materials has completed the first batch of distribution (secondary) type sub-stations for Electricity North West, based in the North West of the UK.

In a move designed to reduce the incidence of metal theft from electricity distribution substations, the Signature Materials metal marking technique is being trialled with Electricity North West and Greater Manchester Police.