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Signature Materials completed a trial in the North West of England, marking the lead and lightning conductors on a school. Coupled with signage around the site and entry on to a register/database, searchable by Police this should act as a deterrent to thieves who have blighted this and other schools/public buildings. Following the success of this trial talks are underway to roll the marking system out to other schools and public buildings.

Signature Materials will be giving a talk about the problems caused by metal theft, and how the systems developed to deter metal theft can and are applied to various applications. All welcome to attend at Bath University, Building 8 W Room 2.1 (8W2.1) 

Signature Materials will be exhibiting processes and systems to deter metal theft at a forum, being held in Glasgow on the 25th February 2014. The event being organised and run by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre will bring together people affected by metal theft, such as the utility companies along with the law enforcement agencies, recyclers and organisations offering deterrents to metal theft.

Affected by metal theft, and based in Scotland? Either come along and see us on the 25th or book a meeting slot around that date where we will come and talk to you.

Signature Materials will be giving a talk to a prestigious group of cable engineers early in February. The theme willl be discussing ways to mark and label various cable systems used in a variety of industries, to deter theft.

Signature Materials has been asked to look at marking copper lightning conductors and lead sheets found on older school buildings. A school, in Greater Manchester is likely to have lead and copper marked in the Spring by Signature Materials as the first part of a trial on school buildings.As well as the metal, signage will  be placed around the site, and local press notified re the work and what to look out for.

Signature Materials have just started a programme of work on substations in the north west as ENWL look to lock down certain hot spot areas, where theft from substations has happened previously. As well as the marking of earth strap, Signature Materials are trialling a new system of using tamper proof labelling, again traceable back to a given location. This allows other materials/items to be identified, and in the event of theft tracked back to their origin/owner.

David Arthur, Project Manager of Signature Materials is giving a talk on metal theft and the work of Signature Materials at an Institute of Quarrying local branch meeting, at Launceston Rubgy Club, Tuesday 3rd December, from 18.00 hrs, talk starts at approx 19.00.

David Arthur, Project Manager for Signature Materials was interviewed live on-air by Stuart Linnell of BBC Radio Northampton, today Friday 1st November.

Signature Materials have been developing the various marking processes available out of the Grantham facility. As well as the copper wire, earth straps and lead sheet/products we are now able to successfully put a mark on to:

1. Other metallics including Aluminium, stainless steels, other copper based alloys. Plain metals as well as painted can be marked.

2. Brick and stone.

Operation Alloy resulted in arrests and seizures of property, in recent raids co-ordinated by Greater Manchester Police. The story as reported by the Manchester Evening News can be read via the link .