Metal prices on increase means thefts more likely

Over the last few months the prices of copper and lead ( and other metals such as tin) have increased significantly. Lead is now 30% more expensive than at the start of 2016, and copper is pushing towards £5000/tonne, having been down at £3500 earlier in the year. What does this mean? Thieves will have picked up on this as well, and witness the recent spates of lead theft from churches in the East of England. Large volumes, gangs stripping tonnes at a time, means x£1000's worth of damage in a night. Not just the replacement cost, but possible water ingress and other damage to the fabric of the building. 

Can you afford to sit there and hope it will not happen to me? Ask Signature Materials about an effective method to deter metal theft, via our patented overt marking, and labelling along with high visibility signage. Prove to work, and deter metal thefts. 

Email for an honest appraisal of what we can offer/ do, and your best way to deter the metal thieves before you become a victim.